MyCANIC-FD Heavy Duty - $735.00

The MyCANIC-FD Heavy Duty is a second generation of the popular MyCANIC vehicle interface.  In addition to significant performance enhancements of both the processor and SD-Card storage interface, it supports two channels of CAN/CAN-FD, Ethernet, LIN, ISO 9141 K-line, hardware encryption/security, high-speed USB and analog/digital I/O.  Includes rubber boot, USB cable, OBDII-2HD cable, 16GB SD-Card and canvas carry bag with logo.

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MyCANIC Heavy Duty - $715.00

The MyCANIC Heavy Duty version is a low-cost electrically isolated vehicle interface that is designed for standalone or pass-thru diagnostics and reprogramming as well as network simulation, bridging and logging functions using the built-in SD card.  In addition to two analog inputs and one analog output, the MyCANIC(R) is capable of communicating with up to three dual-wire high-speed CAN/ISO15765 interfaces simultaneously.  The MyCANIC includes a professional carrying case, rubber boot for drop protection, USB cable, heavy-duty OBDII cable with restraint straps and dust covers for the SD-Card slot cover and USB connector. This heavy-duty version can be used in an industrial environment.  The latest software and USB drivers are always available on the Web Resources page.

MLite-K CAN Data Acquisition Interface - $595.00

Dual CAN interface with four K-Thermocouple channels (0-1000 deg. C range), four analog inputs and fifteen digital inputs.

MyCANIC Y-Cable - $125.00

Cable for connecting the McS1, DgB1 or MLite interfaces to a MyCANIC and vehicle cable.

16 GB SD Card - $15.00

Formatted 16 GB SD Card for MyCANIC / MyCANIC-FD.

DB25 Y-Cable - $55.00

Cable for connecting multiple McS1, DgB1 or MLite interfaces to a single OBDII-1 vehicle cable.

DB15 Y-Cable - $35.00

Cable for obtaining access to the MyCANIC analog inputs.

OBDII-2HD Cable - $60.00

Wrap-around DB15HD to OBDII J1962 cable for the Heavy Duty MyCANIC.

OBDII-2 Cable - $55.00

Straight DB15HD to OBDII J1962 cable for the MyCANIC.

OBDII-Y Cable - $40.00

OBDII J1962 Y-cable for connecting two vehicle interfaces to a vehicle.