July 2020

After several weeks of intense development and testing, Ford Motor Company has released a special version of our MyCANIC-FD-Lite tool that will perform a cabin heater process on certain vehicles.  The tool is available now on our Ford Fleet Tools page.

September 2019

EEPod has developed an extremely powerful and low-cost ECU FlexStation test/validation platform. The FlexStation has the ability to perform complex electrical and CAN/CAN-FD network communications tests. It is controlled by the new MyCANIC-FD and a 0-28VDC programmable power supply capable of sourcing or sinking up to three amps. The FlexStation gives ECU hardware, software and test engineers the ability to run complex tests at their desk that would normally cost thousands of dollars at a test facility. They can also run the tests multiple times at no extra cost!

June 2019

After over a year of intense development and testing, EEPod has launched it's first fully-qualified production vehicle ECU with a major automotive manufacturer.  In the process, we have increased our capabilities in EMC testing, environmental testing, security algorithms, EDI-based ordering system integration and high-volume ECU production.  Give us a call to discuss your next generation vehicle ECU needs.

January 2019

After an incredible 15-year run, the product that started the company is retiring since we can no longer purchase parts for the manufacture of the McS1.  If you need help upgrading to our latest vehicle interface, the MyCANIC-FD, please give us a call.

September 2018

EEPod is happy to announce the addition of INTECH (previously Tenfold) to our list of distributors.  INTECH now handles sales, distribution and support of EEPod products in China.

May 2018

After several delays due to electronic parts availability, we are finally able to offer the new MyCANIC-FD for sale.  You can order it directly from the Products page.

October 2017

EEPod is happy to announce the addition of Tenfold to our list of distributors.  Tenfold now handles sales, distribution and support of EEPod products in China.

September 2017

Come join EEPod at the SAE OBDII Symposium in Anaheim, CA on the 25th thru the 28th.  We will be announcing and demonstrating our new MyCANIC-FD vehicle interface!

June 2016

Our Heavy-Duty McS1 vehicle interface is now available for purchase.  Several updates have been made to the electronics as well as the industrial USB connector.   Check out our Products page for details.

March 2016

We welcome Tegara Corporation as a new distributor of EEPod products. They will make it much more convenient for our customers in Japan to place orders efficiently.

December 2015

We have recently added DashLogic as a distributor of our product line. We have worked with DashLogic (formerly Palmer Performance) for many years and they have optimized their applications to our vehicle interfaces. Please check them out on our Distributor page.

July 2015

We are up and running at our new facility! We were not able to keep our old main phone number, so please note the new one on our Contact Us page. "Thank You!" to all our customers for your patience during our move.

May 2015

In June, we will be closed for our company move to Apache Junction, Arizona. We will be closed from June 17th until June 29th. Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same and we will try to answer any urgent requests during the move.

November 2013

Our Heavy-Duty MyCANIC design has been enhanced with a more robust DB15HD connector, metal connector end panel, heavy-duty cable restraints and an improved ESD/EMC design on the USB connector. All these changes are a big "Thank You!" to our fantastic customers that have provided valuable feedback on their use cases.

April 2013

A joint effort by EEPod, Flextech and R & J Manufacturing has allowed us to produce the fastest and most cost effective high-volume module (ECU) stock reprogramming station available. This standalone unit contains a MyCANIC with your custom reprogramming software, a power supply and a custom molded ECU fixture with gold-plated, spring-loaded POGO pins for very high volume module reprogramming needs.

September 2012

The new MLite-K interface is available! It features four K-Thermocouple channels (0-1000 deg. C range), four analog inputs and fifteen digital inputs and two high-speed CAN interfaces. All of these inputs can be configured to be periodically transmitted on the CAN network using user-defined IDs and at user-defined rates for simple integration into your existing vehicle network. This greatly simplifies the task of collecting sensor data that is not present in the production vehicle.

March 2012

The obsolete parts in our McS1 product are now back in production, so we now have the popular McS1 Vehicle Interface back in production and available for ordering from the Products page on the website.

September 2011

The new MyCANIC-HD (Heavy Duty) version is now available. This version includes upgrades to the rubber boot, cable and carrying case as well as dust covers and cable straps to make the MyCANIC more suitable for industrial environments.

October 2010

Due to new credit card merchant account rules and fees, we have changed our website credit card processing to PayPal. This will keep our costs low and still allow customers to pay by credit card. NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to buy our products.

May 2010

After six years as one of the most popular J2534 vehicle interfaces, the McS1 has been discontinued due to lack of availability of several of the internal integrated circuits. The powerful MyCANIC and MLite interfaces are now available for any current and future needs.

March 2010

A custom version of the MyCANIC vehicle interface is now available for Ford Fleet customers to perform the manual diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration routine on remote vehicles.

December 2009

The new low-cost M-Lite USB-to-CAN interface is now available. This interface has two CAN channels and is capable of monitoring, simulation, logging to an internal SDCard as well as analog and digital data acquisition.

SimuCAN(R) now supports the MyCANIC to provide the most comprehensive and lowest cost vehicle network simulation environment for electronic module or vehicle development. This combination saves over $10K per development station with the highest performance available.

December 2008

We have negotiated better shipping rates from UPS and we are passing the savings on with much lower shipping and handling rates for local, out-of-state and international shipments.

September 2008

The much-anticipated MyCANIC(R) product is now in production! This new vehicle interface supports J2534 Pass-Thru PC applications with best-in-class performance, three separate CAN channels, a graphic user interface for standalone use, an SD/MMC card slot for data logging as well as flash calibrations, two spare analog inputs, a ruggedized enclosure and much more for just $575.00USD including the OBDII cable!

July 2008

EEPod recently completed a project for the joint hybrid bus project between Kettering University and the Flint Mass Transit Authority, using a custom version of our McS1 product to translate network messages between J1939 and DeviceNet for the complex hybrid control system. You can read more about this project at: External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.kettering.edu/visitors/storydetail.jsp?storynum=621

June 2008

The McS1 Vehicle Interface has been tested and approved for use with the SilverScan-Tool software from RA Consulting. For more information on the SilverScan-Tool software, please visit their website at External link opens in new tab or windowwww.rac.de .

January 2008

We are now a distributor for the DataPro Software from EDGE Analysis. It is a complete data acquisition software for OBD-II diagnostics in all modes, read and clear DTC codes, 4 real-time views, analysis graphs, overlay plots and much more.

Download the fully functional demo at External link opens in new tab or windowwww.edgeanalysis.com .

December 2007

EEPod LLC is moving to a new facility in Howell, Michigan. Our new facility will allow us to expand our business and offer many new products and services, including vehicle module testing / validation.

November 2007

The SimuCAN(tm) software is now available, offering real-time vehicle network simulation. With an introductory price of $495.00, engineers can have a full vehicle network simulation and test environment for less that $1000.00 (including the cost of an McS1 Vehicle Interface). Compare this to competitive packages that cost well over $10,000.00!

July 2007

We are offering two new products for converting high-speed CAN dual-wire to either fault-tolerant CAN dual wire or single-wire CAN. See our Products page for more details.

April 2007

We are now a distributor of the Palmer Performance PCMSCAN software that provides access to all OBDII modes and parameters for monitoring, logging, DTC reading and clearing as well as numerous other capabilities.

January 2007

A custom version of the McS1 (called VCI) is now being used in the Aston Martin Dealership Diagnostic System (AMDS) worldwide.

October 2006

The McS1 has passed CE certification and is WEEE compliant for sale in most European countries.

September 2006

Please note the change of our FAX number. The new number is 810-373-3580.

February 2006

The DgB1 data gateway bus interface is now available. The DgB1 puts data from four K-Type thermocouple on the vehicle bus so that it may be timestamp correlated with all other vehicle bus data. Future versions of the DgB1 will support T and J thermocouples as well as 0-10VDC and 0-100VDC analog inputs. Several DgB1 interfaces may be used in a single application where many channels are required.

October 2005

Ford Racing licensed the technology in our McS1 product to quickly launch the Pro-Cal interface. Pro-Cal allows Ford Racing to provide engine calibration upgrades that are perfectly matched to their performance parts. Please reference the following link for details.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.fordracingparts.com/performancepackages/performancepackages.asp

April 2005

The McS1 has been tested and approved for use with the Ford Module Programming software. Please reference the following link for details.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/retail/default.asp?pageid=pubs_pcm&gutsid=pubs_pcm

January 2005

We now have Windows CE drivers and libraries available for PDAs with USB Host capability (e.g. Toshiba e400/e800). A PDA and McS1 offers a very portable and flexible diagnostic and reprogramming solution for well under $1000!

June 2004

Our first product, the McS1, is available. The McS1 is a pass-thru interface for communicating from a PC to a variety of vehicle networks, including CAN / ISO15765, ISO14230, ISO9141, J1850PWM and J1850VPW. In addition to the vehicle network capability, the McS1 has one 5-20V analog output channel, four 0-20V analog input channels and two digital I/O channels. The connection between the PC the McS1 is an electrically isolated USB implementation that will protect your PC investment while providing a simple high bandwidth interface necessary for demanding applications.